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About me

Watchman Lee, my ritualist

I have quite a few characters in Guild Wars, in multiple campaigns and stages, all from different classes. Here's a quick list:

  • Watchman Lee (Ritualist)
  • Angela Bennett (Mesmer)
  • Michelle Qigong (Monk)
  • Otsu Shikaku (Elementalist)
  • Wolfox Lightbringer (Ranger)
  • Miko Shikaku (Assassin)
  • Mandisa Amisi (Paragon)
  • Serena Kalma (Necromancer)

For further detail, just check my space at Guildwiki.

Hobbes Tigerstrike in GW2
Angela Bennett in GW2
Watchman Lee in GW2
Blathnaid in GW2
Hobbes Tigerstrike in GW2
Watchman Lee in GW2